Dienstag, 6. März 2012

PHP061 The Reboot Joy Confession - Absolute Ill Way Harmonious Enterprise (Album preview) Do-12"

Philpot  finally presents RJCs Album-Debut!!
after two fantastic 12“s for us in the last two years,
we decided it was time to collect all these lovely tracks
that weren´t really 12" material.

now, beautifully skit-connected, it all makes
for one outstanding Album, flawlessly fusing
BoomBap, Latin, Jazz, Psychedelica and raw
House aesthetics....and so much more!

so, take some time out, make yourselves
comfortable and let them put a spell on you....

peace & l-o-v-e- to the RJC!
available end of may 2012!!

check it on soundcloud